When will my accrued Rewards post to my account?

Rewards will be posted to your Rewards & Credit account once delivery is confirmed and you have written a review on the items in your order.

You can follow these five steps to complete your review.

  • Step 1 Click the “Delivery Confirmation” button on either your ‘My Orders’ page or your ‘Order Details’ page. If we have already confirmed you have received the items, you can still click the “Write a Review” button on these pages instead of the “Delivery Confirmation” button.

  • Step 2 Click the “Yes” Button to be taken to the ‘Package Review’ page.

  • Step 3 On the ‘Package Review’ page, please complete your review.

  • Step 4 Once you successfully submit your review, your Rewards for this order will be posted to your Rewards & Credit account, and you will be taken to your ‘Order Details’ page, which will display your updated Rewards balance.

  • Step 5 You can check your Rewards & Credit Balance on the Rewards & Credit page.