LAN TING BRIDE® — Personalized Designer Wedding Dresses & Bridal Gowns.

LAN TING BRIDE®, our flagship brand, is a creation of opulence with romanticism.It redefines couture bridal fashion with its commitment to delivering innovative designs, superior quality and best-in-­class service at an affordable price..

LAN TING BRIDE® is about being a modern woman who believes in a romantic and creative design. We do this by using luxurious encrusted beading, sensual shades of pastel colors and a lavish mix of perfect silhouettes and patterns. We apply innovative structure cutting design merging both traditional and modern couture.

LAN TING BRIDE® with an inspiration that creates a celebration of elegance, timeless glamour and supreme craftsmanship to make dreams come true for every LAN TING BRIDE®.

We'll make a dress just for you – and deliver for your Big Day!

TS COUTURE® — The Perfect Dress for You.

With impeccable styling and exquisite craftsmanship, our flagship brand TS COUTURE® inspires real women to feel confident and glamorous in what they are wearing along with being comfortable in their own skin. A woman who wears these fabulous dresses will surely let their inner beauty shine through.

TS COUTURE® epitomizes the contemporary woman's fashion sense. Each look is designed to enhance and fit perfectly to the female form with fashion-forward styling and versatility. Employing expert techniques in ruching, draping and cutting lines, ensures that each garment is masterfully tailored to flatter all figures. We also carefully choose fabrics with stretch, such as embroidered lace, lux jersey, and light-as-a-feather tulle to render a custom-made feel. From the drawing board to the actual product, a TS COUTURE® dress is infused with glamour and sophistication.

No matter your shape, age or background, we're confident you'll find the designer dress meant for you.

LAN TING Express

Dresses with the brand of LAN TING Express are carefully selected for the first time. We would like to show you these elegant and fashionable dresses immediately when the dresses have been chosen, so the pictures are temporarily shown by supplier's.

At all the dresses are produced by experienced tailors and as such we demand the highest of quality. From the first line drawn to the last thread stitched, each gown is unique and made for you. The details are yours to decide, and we have the selection to match your desires.

Same with the brand of LAN TING BRIDE® and TS Couture®, dresses with LAN TING Express also focused on expert techniques in ruching, draping and cutting lines, which ensures that each garment is masterfully tailored to flatter all figures.

No matter the budget or occasion – we have the gown that'll make you want to twirl!